• William F. Scully III MD
  • William F. Scully III MD
  • William F. Scully III MD


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  • Dr. Scully and all the Crystal Clinic staff and nurses are outstanding and as I believe the best in their field. Dr. Scully performed a hip revision on me in early June 2019. Everybody I met with were very professional, courteous and helpful. The Physical Therapy department was very friendly, helpful and acquainted with exercises to facilitate recovery. My recovery has been excellent and I attribute that to Dr. Scully and his team. I believe Dr. Scully is one of the finest physicians I have met. He is extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk with and a great surgeon. His smile and demeanor make you feel at ease prior to surgery. I give Dr. Scully and the Crystal Clinic my highest recommendation. I thank Dr. Scully for his service to our country in the Army. I am more than happy to talk with any prospective patients about my experience with Crystal Clinic and Dr. Scully John Routh
    By - John Routh
    15-Sep-2019 06:44 PM
  • I was highly satisfied with Dr. Scully. During my consultation, he was professional, informative, and patient. He took the time to explain my diagnosis and treatment options. He answered my questions fully and honestly. His open, approachable manner inspired confidence. I would recommend Dr. Scully to others.
    By - CH Cuyahoga Falls, OH
    26-Jul-2019 01:16 PM
  • I scheduled my first appointment with Dr Scully on the referral of another Crystal clinic physician because of the historical fracture I had to my hip. I met Dr Scully and was impressed by his manner and knowledge. I conferred with many friends who had had hips done and they all had good reccomendations for about 6 or 8 different surgeons but none of them had seen Dr Scully as he is relatively new to the area. I visited another orthopedic who I had seen for other issues in the past and he also was not really familiar with Dr Scully but he said if Crystal clinic hired him he must be good. My wife who is a nurse anesthetist went to my presurgery visit with Dr Scully and was also impressed with his knowledge and manner. So I had my surgery March 20 and Dr Scully exceeded my expectations in many ways. He got my leg to be back to its original length (it was almost an inch short). He obviously took great care and put everything back in better condition than it was because in less than three weeks I was walking with only a cane. By 4 weeks I can walk mostly without a cane and only use the cane to assure I maintain an even gait. I took nothing but Tylenol for pain since day 2 after surgery. Only occasional pain now at 4 weeks. I am already better than I was prior to surgery and am comfortable that I will be able to return to all activities within a few more weeks. (With Dr and PT permission of course). Couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank you for your excellent work and genuine and caring attitude!
    By - Daniel V Markowitz Ph.D.
    19-Apr-2019 11:05 AM
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